1997.03.0057 (88-136)Restored perspective of the Archaic Temple of Apollo Patroos with an apsidal end. 6th c. B.C.1981  
2002.01.2473Restored perspective drawing of the archaic Apollo Patroos temple, with Kouros inside.1981  
2004.01.2468 (HAT 49-96)West side, general of Apollo Patroos.1949  
2004.01.2390 (HAT 50-43)Mould for a bronze statue of Apollo. Front view.1950  
2004.01.2391 (HAT 50-44)Mould for bronze statue of Apollo.1950  
2004.01.2393 (HAT 52-374)Bronze casting pit in Temple of Apollo Patroos.1952  
2004.01.2442 (HAT 52-375)Mould fragments, drawing showing placement on Kouros.1952  
2004.01.2381 (HAT 53-11)General view after refilling. The Temple of Apollo and the Temple of Zeus Eleuftherios in foreground. The Temple of Ares in the center.1953