[Agora Object] A 1269: Wall Block

Broken top and bottom; original faces on both sides and both ends. At one end a projecting tongue. Surfaced with light buff stucco, hard, on front and back and on end opposite tongue. At the bottom, the ... 15 July 1947


[Agora Object] A 3308: Parapet Fragment

Of the two adjacent preserved edges one is smooth, the other has a tongue and groove joint. Traces of hydraulic cement on both faces; but not enough remains to show water deposit. From Klepsydra. Tan-colored ... 1961

[Agora Object] B 1104: Dikast 's Ticket

Inscribed. Right half preserved; cracked. Pierced at about the middle of the preserved part. Surface corroded in places. Fountain house porch. Hellenistic-early roman. Leica, 85-23 ... 24 May 1954

[Agora Object] B 1251: Ring

Complete. Plain, thick and roughly round in section. East half of Heliaia, above bedrock. Disturbed context. 350-300 B.C. In ziplock polyethylene bag. 3465 Leica, 83-475 ... 30 July 1960


[Agora Object] G 512: Bowl Fragment

Rim and upper wall of an open wall. Series of short diagonal raised ridges below plain rim. Heavy dark blue glass. Late Roman fill. Leica PD 2023-5 ... 20 April 1954


[Agora Object] G 527: Plate Fragment

Part of ring foot and floor preserved. Colorless to very light green glass. Feeder drain. 3rd c. A.D. 2755 Leica PD 2515-3 ... 23 May 1948


[Agora Object] I 6675: Prytany Decree Fragment

Inscribed fragment of stele. The upper part of a stele with pedimental top. Broken below, and chipped away at right. Archon Euergetes. Hymettian marble. Found in Hellenistic context over a water channel, ... 164/3 B.C.


[Agora Object] I 6676: Prytany Decree Fragment

Inscribed fragment. Inscribed face only preserved. Hymettian marble. ADDENDA With I 6057. Found in marble pile, in the southwestern corner of the Market Square. Leica ... 12 May 1954

[Agora Object] IL 831: Lead Token

Obverse: Thorax. Uncertain traces in field at her right. Reverse: plain. House A, room III, soft fill in pit, among fallen stones. 94 Leica ... 14 May 1940


[Agora Object] IL 903: Lead Token

Roughly circular. Obverse: thorax. Reverse: plain. Great Drain, sand. Late Hellenistic. 5832 Leica ... 30 July 1947

[Agora Object] IL 1365: Lead Strainer

Broken at one corner. A sheet of lead almost square pierced with 21 holes grouped together not quite in the center of the plaque. The broad edge of the plaque was bent back to help hold the strainer in ... 5 June 1954


[Agora Object] IL 1366: Lead Token

A: Herm left, with symbols to either side. B: plain. Road N.W. of Fountain House; layer 1. Leica ... 5 June 1954

[Agora Object] IL 1422: Lead Token

Obverse: deer, right. Star (?) in field lower right. Reverse: plain. Entered as coin, no. 1. Coins from same fill, nos. 1-33, run as late as Constantine. Road west of Fountain House. Leica ... 10 April 1954

[Agora Object] IL 1423: Lead Token

Obverse: hare (?) in incuse square. Reverse: plain, edge bevelled. Entered as coin, no. 27. Road west of Fountain House. Leica ... 10 April 1954


[Agora Object] IL 1437: Lead Token

Bevelled edge. A: single letter, delta (Δ). B: bumpy, traces of incuse stamp. Sherds from same fill mostly 3rd c. A.D. Over Roman drain to west of Middle Stoa area. 1639 Leica ... 26 July 1947

[Agora Object] IL 1444: Lead Token

A: cuirass in incuse circular stamp. B: plain. Cf. IL 903, 831 etc. Entered as coin no. 27. Martyr over steps at S.W. corner of Middle Stoa. 1886 Leica ... 24 April 1948

[Agora Object] L 5135: Plastic Lamp Fragment

Part of high semi-circular base and lower extremity of figure preserved. Point of attachment for nozzle on front of base. Dull red glaze on outside and part of inside. Traces of white over red (lost in ... 4 May 1954

[Agora Object] L 5147: Lamp Fragment

Fragment from side, bottom and rim, with part of nozzle. Ring foot; moulded rib on side, between wall and nozzle. Trace of floral decoration in relief preserved on rim. Hard red clay and smooth red surface ... 15 May 1954

[Agora Object] L 5198: Lamp Fragments

Several fragments preserve parts of disc, rim, wall and base. Disc with part of relief representation preserved; framing ring. Panelled rim with ovolo pattern. On base, within circular groove, incised ... 21-28 June 1947

[Agora Object] L 5270: Plastic Lamp Fragment

Fragment showing upper left part of negro head, including eye and curls above forehead. At top, pour-hole. Black glaze outside and inside. Added white for eyeball. Pinkish-buff clay. Worthy sherds from ... 1956