[Agora Object] T 3357: Architectural Fragment: Head of Satyr

A single fragment, broken all around, preserves right eye, nose and some of mouth and mousche. Slightly under life size. Buff clay, coarse inside, fine at surface. ADDENDA 5th. century architectural terracotta ... 27 April 1954


[Agora Object] T 3358: Mold Fragment for Seated Draped Female Figurine

Some of lower and back edge of mold preserved. Breast, waist, lap and knee of draped seated woman, wearing high-girt chiton and a cloak over her knees. Pinkish to buff clay. Mixed fill in front of Fountain ... 4 May 1954

[Agora Object] T 3373: Mold Fragment for Relief: Apobates

Upper part of nude apobates seen facing, his head turned towards proper right. His right arm is outstretched passing in front of the figure of the charioteer; chiton with short sleeves; arms outstretched ... 12 May 1954


[Agora Object] T 3377: Male Head

First interpretation: female head. Male head with hair in large bound or wreath over forehead; bangs beneath. No color. Greenish-blond clay. Built into rubble foundation. 3245 Leica, 80-38-9 ... 28 May 1954

[Agora Object] T 3386: Mold for Plaque: Dancing Maenad

Part of upper edge preserved; from a mold for a plaque. Upper half of dancing figure. Fairly coarse fabric; somewhat resembling the moulds for large "architectural" plaques; but thiner, and this at a smaller ... 5 June 1954

[Agora Object] T 3487: Seated Female Figurine Fragment

Upper part of front half preserved. From a seated woman holding fruit and child. Drapery over shoulders knotted in front. Traces of white slip. Hard pinkish-buff clay. Cf. T 1599. Late Roman context ... Catalogued 1957

[Agora Object] T 3488: Draped Female Figurine Fragment

Part of upper front half. Probably of draped woman holding a long thin object at her left side. Hard reddish-buff clay, white on drapery, red-orange on skin, blue on long object. Leica ... 31 January 1934