[Agora Report] 1947 ΝΝ: Section ΝΝ: 1947

Rodney S. Young ... Excavation continued in section ΝΝ with the aim of clearing the area for the new museum. Because of the unforeseen depth of filling, the area remained unfinished. Several features were dug and examined ... 10 Mar-3 Nov 1947


[Agora Object] B 783: Dikast's Ballot

Wheel ballot with pierced hub. Inscribed around edge. On the opposite face, a small roughly rectangular stamp, containing a letter in relief ? Λ or N ? 76-79/Great Drain. In loan to Barcelona (Museum Caixa ... 9 May 1947

[Agora Object] B 784: Weight

Small rectangular block of bronze, almost square. Inscribed on the upper face with the symbols of three drachmas (?) (After cleanning this would seem to be four drachmas). 76-79/Great Drain Great Drain, ... 9 May 1947


[Agora Object] G 265: Bowl Fragment

From the wall of a moulded bowl, ribbed outside. Blue and white striations. Brown fill. Early Roman level over Roman drain in area west of Areopagus. 4555 Leica ... 16 May 1947


[Agora Object] G 269: Bowl Fragment

Rim and upper body fragment. Bowl with shallow bottom and vertical rim; ribbed below rim. Mold made of bluish glass. Cistern in the area west of the Areopagus, upper early Roman fill. 1st c. A.D. Leica, ... 25-26 April 1947


[Agora Object] I 5983: Boundary Stone

Apparently complete. Along bottom of front face a rough slightly projecting surface at level for setting into ground. Limestone or hard gray poros. Brought in 1947; length and thickness cannot be measured ... 27 May 1947

[Agora Object] I 6007: Mortgage Stone Fragment

Inscribed fragment. Inscribed face only preserved. Five lines of the inscription preserved. Hymettian marble. Found in Byzantine context in the industrial area, east of the Great Drain. 4888 Leica, 89-28-20, ... 3 June 1947


[Agora Object] I 6008: Basin Fragment

Inscribed fragment. Part of wall and rim preserved. Plain rim, flat on top. Inscribed on upper face of rim. Island (?) marble. Found clearing modern surface in Roman House A, southwest of the Market Square ... 14 June 1947