[Agora Report] 1948 Excavations: Report on the Agora Excavations May, 1947-April, 1948

Homer A. Thompson ... A report on the activities in the Athenian Agora during the period May 1947 to April 1948. The 1947 excavation lasted from March 10 to November 1. The efforts were concentrated on completing the exploration ... 10 Mar-1 Nov 1947


[Agora Report] 1948 Excavations ΝΝ, ΞΞ: Sections ΝΝ-ΞΞ 1948 Early Houses

Rodney S. Young ... Excavations were confined to a strip on the west side of the Great Drain where four houses of the 5th and 4th centuries B.C. were excavated and examined in their relationship to the Great Drain. In the ... 13 Mar-29 Apr 1948


[Agora Report] 1947 ΝΝ: Section ΝΝ: 1947

Rodney S. Young ... Excavation continued in section ΝΝ with the aim of clearing the area for the new museum. Because of the unforeseen depth of filling, the area remained unfinished. Several features were dug and examined ... 10 Mar-3 Nov 1947


[Agora Report] 1939 ΝΝ: Section ΝΝ Season of 1939

Rodney S. Young ... Section ΝΝ lies at the mouth of the valley between Pnyx and Areopagus, which was the important thoroughfare from the Agora to the Pnyx and to the southern parts of the city, as well as to the Piraeus Gate, ... 26 Sep 1938-24 Jun 1939

[Agora Object] A 1370: Well Tile

Small pieces missing. Rim slightly thickened above and below. Large square lifting hole set near one edge. Well, Fill 4, late 5th century B.C. (earliest tiled well in the Agora). 6999 Leica ... 18 October 1947

[Agora Object] B 847: Dikast 's Ticket Fragment

Inscribed. Both ends broken off. Rectangular countermark : owl. Rectangular pit under house L, room 2. Fourth century B.C. fill. 4492, 7117, 7357 Leica, 85-22 ... 17 April 1948


[Agora Object] B 850: Implement

Made of heavy bronze wire (?). One end flattened like the blunt end of a stilus; the other pointed, but bent over and curled round into a spiral. A tool for bronze working ? Casting pit, house H, room ... Card: late 2nd c. B.C.


[Agora Object] BI 606: Bone Counter or Ticket

A round flat one. On the top bordered by a pair of incised grooves, a satyr head (mask) right. On the underside, the number 9, scratched bilingually. For a number of somewhat similar tickets from Alexandria, ... 5 April 1948