[Agora Report] 1934 Β: 1. The Tholos. A Brief Sketch of the History of the Building as Revealed by the Excavations of 1934 2. The Bouleuterion

Eugene Vanderpool ... A report mainly about the results of the excavations of the Tholos and the Bouleuterion, but a notebook index attached refer to all features excavated during 1934. A list of coins associated with the construction ... 15 Jan-19 May 1934


[Agora Notebook] Β-2

Mixed ... E. Vanderpool ... 197 392 ... 1 March 1934-21 March 1934

[Agora Coin] N 3113

Athens ... Very worn, parts of surface missing. Identified in 1934 as type of Svoronos 1923, pl. 80:18-21. Coin no. 2; to 11.30m. Well. Head r. [Head of Athena Parthenos r. Border of dots.] Illegible. 371, 1154 ... 86-10's B.C.

[Agora Coin] N 3114

Athens ... Parts of surface missing. Coin no. 3; to 11.30m. Well. Head of Athena Parthenos r. Border of dots. Α/[Θ]Ε Athena advancing r., carrying lowered spear in r. hand, aegis draped over extended l. arm; at lower ... Mid 20's-19 B.C.