[Agora Report] 1951 Excavations: Excavation in the Athenian Agora: 1951

Homer A. Thompson ... A report on the 1951 excavations presented at the Open Meeting of the ASCSA, March 20, 1952. Field work was concentrated in the market place proper, and large areas in the west, north central and southeastern ... 9 Apr-31 Aug 1951


[Agora Report] 1952 Excavations Ε, Η, Ν: Sections Ε, Ν, Η 1952

Homer A. Thompson ... Mycenaean graves were excavated in section Ε. Section Ν was disturbed by late pits, bothroi and walls. Excavation was carried out through Roman levels. The area seemed to have been leveled out and raised ... 4 Mar-31 May 1952


[Agora Report] 1951 Ε: Excavation and Cleaning along the East Side of the Great Drain, 1951

R. C. Wood ... There had been four major Byzantine dwelling units in the northern part of section Ε. Two of them had been removed during earlier campaigns. Excavations manage to establish the outline of the four houses, ... 9 Apr-7 Jul 1951


[Agora Object] A 1812: Epikranitis Block Fragments

Six fragments, non joining, but believed to come from the same block. a) Fragment of right end, broken along left side and back. Hawk's beak on front projects 0.028m. In the higher back part is a clamp ... 9 May 1951


[Agora Object] A 1939: Cornice Fragment

Broken above and to left. Preserves right end of block with anathyrosis band. Mutule broken away. On face and above via, red paint. From the Temple of Ares. Pentelic marble. Found at J/10-7/18 (Fall 2016) ... 19 April 1951

[Agora Object] J 127: Gold Bead

Complete; slightly squashed. Elliptical seed-like head, pierced lengthwise. Lengthwise ridges. Mycenaean Grave C. 1388-1399 Leica PD 1200-24 ... 31 March 1952


[Agora Notebook] Ε-7

Finds/Coins ... 1169 1357 ... 1931


[Agora Deposit] J 8:1: Disturbed Chamber Tomb (?)

Mycenaean Grave C. Lisa's list mentions also Grave D ... Myc. IIIA 1:2