[Agora Object] A 371: Anta Capital Fragment

Only fragment from the middle of the front face remains. Broken below. Crowned by a half round; ovolo hawk's beak. From the Stoa of Zeus. Pentelic marble. Found in clearing east front of Stoa. Leica, 6-36 ... 1933


[Agora Object] A 372: Epikranitis Molding Fragment

Broken both ends and below. The back is rough-picked: original working suggesting that the pieces is a patch. Most of the beak is broken away. Spacing of ornament 0.033m. From the Stoa of Zeus. Pentelic ... 1933

[Agora Object] A 373: Cornice Fragment

Fragment of hawk's beak molding, probably from raking cornice. Ovolo type. Broken at both ends. Traces of painted leaf. Pentelic marble. ADDENDA Hephaisteion? Found in clearing east front of Stoa.; but ... 1933

[Agora Object] A 374: Molding Fragment

Hawk's beak. Broken away both ends, below and behind. Ovolo type. Finished with a toothed chisel on top. Granular creamy Poros. From clearing in front of Temple of Apollo and Stoa of Zeus. Leica ... 1933