[Agora Report] 1935 ΟΕ: Gleanings from the West Side of the Agora Spring of 1935, Section ΟΕ

Homer A. Thompson ... An account, based on archaeological evidence so far discovered, on some of the buildings in the west side of the Agora: Stoa of Zeus Eleutherios and vicinity, Sanctuary of Apollo Patroos, Sanctuary of ... 27 Jan 1934-30 May 1935


[Agora Object] I 1888: Mortgage Stone Fragment

Fragment of inscription. Broken on both sides, top and bottom; rough picked behind. Blue-white marble. Cf. I 1973 (Λ 371) and I 1974 (Λ 372) for similar documents. Found in the foundation filling of the ... 4th. century B.C.


[Agora Object] I 1973: Mortgage Stone Fragment

Inscribed fragment. A trace of the rough picked back is preserved; possibly also a bit of the right side (and bottom?); elsewhere broken. Four lines of the inscription preserved. Hymettian marble. Found ... 8 May 1934

[Agora Object] I 1974: Mortgage Stone Fragment

Inscribed fragment. Probably a stone of the same sort as I 1973. The back is preserved. Hymettian marble. Found in marble dump, in the south central part of the Market Square. Leica, 87-1-29, 87-1-30, ... 8 May 1934

[Agora Object] P 3736: Black Glaze Bowl Fragment with Graffito

Fragment from rim concave in profile; graffito on the outside. Rich black glaze inside and out. From packing behind poros benches on slopes of Kolonos. Leica PD 1133-19(F 109) ... 26 April 1934


[Agora Notebook] ΟΕ-2

Mixed ... Homer Α. Thompson ... 196 388 ... 1934-1936

[Agora Deposit] G 7:1: Ancient Pit behind Poros Bench on Kolonos

Cf. P 3736, from the original "packing behind poros benches". Not from the pit itself it is therefore not listed with this deposit ... 5th c. B.C.