[Agora Object] A 1146: Column Drum: Ionic

About half remains, but one end is broken away. Unfluted; hammer dressed. Drum of Odeion column, main order. Pentelic marble. Found at L/4-9/12 (Fall 2016). From marble pile to west of Odeion. Leica ... August 1946


[Agora Object] A 1154: Capital

Acanthus and lotus capital. Fragment from one side of lower part. From Odeion. Pentelic marble. Found at L/17-12/9 (Fall 2016). Found in burnt debris of Odeion floor of cryptoporticus in south central ... June 1938


[Agora Object] P 13508: Red Figure Stemless Cup

Small fragment from base and floor. Finely profiled, high base ring. On the floor, a draped female figure seated to right in a chair; a fillet in her hair, a staff upright in front of her. No relief contour ... 8 June 1938