[Agora Report] 1970 Ω: Excavation Summary Section Ω: 1970

John McK. Camp II ... Excavations were centered around a large late Roman complex know as the Roman House H. In addition, a late Hellenistic cistern was dug under the northwest corner of the house ... 24 May-22 Aug 1970


[Agora Object] I 7174: Marble Fragments

Inscribed fragments. Fragment Ω 1557, full thickness possibly preserved, back very worn. Face broken on three sides. Trace of raised border along right side. Four lines of the inscription preserved and ... (Ω 1557) 6 August 1970 (Ω 1673) 12 April 1971


[Agora Object] I 7178: Proxeny Decree Fragments

Inscribed fragments. Three joining fragments. Broken above and below. Slightly tapering at sides. Rough picked behind. Proxeny decree in honor of Sopatros of Akragas. Thirty lines of the inscription preserved, ... 325/4 B.C.


[Agora Notebook] Ω-13

Notebook ... J. Camp ... 2401 2600 ... 1970


[Agora Deposit] P 21:3: Well in West Colonnade of Roman House H

Well in West Colonnade of Roman House H. Covered by a large handsome marble well-head, apparently reused. Cut through bedrock. Diameter ca. 1.20m, water at -3.60m. Two distinct POU fills. One at ca. -4.50m ... June-August 1970

[Agora Lot] Ω 399: Roman House H; Well P 21:3; Bottom; -6.50m to -6.75m

Nondescript, combed and wheel-ridged ... 6th A.D.