[Agora Publication] The Lawcourts at Athens Sites: Buildings, Equipment, Procedure, and Testimonia

Boegehold, A. L. Camp, J. Crosby, M. Lang, M. Jordan, D. R. Townsend, R. F ... American School of Classical Studies at Athens ... A comprehensive, three-part study of the sites and procedures of Athenian lawcourts in the 5th, 4th, and 3rd centuries B.C. Part I discusses various courts, their names and possible sites, and reconstructs ... 1995


[Agora Notebook] Η-8

Mixed ... J. H. Oliver ... 1344 1536 ... 1937, 1951


[Agora Notebook Page] Η-8-49 (pp. 1432-1433)

Dikast 's Name Plate. Bowl Fragment with Sgraffito Decoration. Plate Fragments with Sgraffito Decoration ... Η-8 1432, 1433 B 700 Η 360 B 110 Η 361 B 111 P 16560 P 16561 Η:1933.0505:9 Η:1933.0506:11 Η:1933.0506:12 Η:1933.0506:13 Η:1933.0518:6 N 23609 Η:1933.0518:7 Η:1933.0518:8 N 23610 Η:1933.0518:16 N 23632 ... 24 May 1933

[Agora Lot] Η 36: Great Cutting Over Bottom

Classical 3rd quarter of 4th B.C.


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Dikasts' tickets ... AMS Horizontal (normal)


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Dikast's tickets ... AMS Horizontal (normal)