[Agora Deposit] I-O 15:1: Soundings below floor of South Stoa II.

The data in the Deposit Notebook is presented by trench; an attempt is made here to accumulate data from similar layers across the trenches. Subdivisions: .1=Post Hadrianic cleanup .2=Marble working waste ... 2nd c. B.C.-3rd c. A.D.

[Agora Deposit] I-O 15:1.5: Construction fill of South Stoa II

Material from trenches: a) 1.00-7.00m. from East End of Stoa. b) 18.40-21.40m. from East End of Stoa, with some disturbed fill including 1st c. A.D. material. c) 46.60-48-60m. from East End of Stoa. d) ... 2nd c. B.C.