[Agora Deposit] Q 12:3: Stoa Gutter Well

Well below Stoa Gutter opposite Pier 1. Heavy dumped filling remarkable among Agora well-deposits both for the high quality and the good conditions of pottery of all sorts. It represents the stock of a ... Ca. 520-490 B.C.

[Agora Deposit] Q 13-14:1: Cistern at 21/ΙΗ

Cistern at 21/ΙΗ Period of use fill dated to ca. 375-350 B.C., Upper fill dated to mostly first half of 6th c. B.C. in Agora XXX ... Ca. 375-350

[Agora Deposit] Q 15:2: Well to the North of Nymphaeum

Well to N of Nymphaeum at 115/ΙΣΤ. A good water supply but no evidence for a period of use. Exceptionally heavy dumped filling, including much fine tableware, many wine- jar fragments and other objects ... ca. 420-400 B.C.

[Agora Deposit] R 14:2: Sculptor's Workshop

Sculptor's Workshop at 37-40/Β-ΣΤ Coins 20 April 1933 #1-#20 21 April 1933 #37-#41 24 April 1933 #97-#100 1 May 1933 #5-#8 4 May 1933 #2 12 May 1933 #8-#9 15 May 1933 #8 S 343, S 407-S 413, S 390: Fragments ... 20 April 1933, 23 May 1939, 9 June 1939

[Agora Deposit] S 19:9: Well at 5/ΚΘ

Well at 5/ΚΘ. Digging abandoned at -7.20m for fear of collapse. Upper 50cm, fill in broken in mouth, very late Roman (4th-7th. c. A.D.) Fill below 50cm to 6.50mL late roman with some earlier material (from ... 4th-7th century A.D.

[Agora Deposit] S 21:1: Well at 35/ΙΘ

A well outside the market square to the southeast, 20m west of the Panathenaic Way; Modern fill in upper 1.65m. with Early Roman dumped fillings below. Coins: 9 May 1939 #37 (dirt pile) 10 May 1939 #53 ... Late 1st c. B.C.-early 1st c. A.D.

[Agora Deposit] T 24:3: Well 8 in ΟΑ

Well 8: Archaic. On the northwest slope of the Acropolis. Depth from surface of rock, -16.10m. Diameter top ca. 0.90; bottom ca 0.80m. Water level, ca. -9m ... Late 6th - early 5th c. B.C.