[Agora Object] L 5004: Plastic Lamp Fragment

The upper part of a plastic lamp with perforated top, modelled in the shape of a sandalled right foot. Traces of handle behind. Glaze red to brown, worn on outside. Pinkish-buff clay. ADDENDA RVN: Pobably ... 28 February 1953

[Agora Object] L 5270: Plastic Lamp Fragment

Fragment showing upper left part of negro head, including eye and curls above forehead. At top, pour-hole. Black glaze outside and inside. Added white for eyeball. Pinkish-buff clay. Worthy sherds from ... 1956

[Agora Object] P 32: Black Glaze Jug

Handle missing; rim chipped. Open mouth; flaring lip set upon rounded body; flat bottom, no base ring; attachments for handle at lip and shoulder. Attic clay; black glaze badly flaked. 324 Leica, 89-20-19 ... 6 July 1931

[Agora Object] P 50: Plastic Attachment: Mask

Plastic attachment for twisted handle. Mask has long nose, crudely rendered mouth. On the small remaining pot body fragment are stripes of clay applied as paint. Attic clay; black glazze. 383 Leica ... 13 July 1931

[Agora Object] P 55: Bowl Fragment

Moulded rim with two grooves beneath the edge; below, part of a panel of diminishing squares and a checkerboard pattern in black and white. Dark buff clay; unglazed inside. Hellenistic. 418 Leica, 89-21-21 ... 15 July 1931


[Agora Object] P 86: Black Glaze Plate: Type D

Mended from two pieces; complete save for a small piece of the rim. Plain moulded rim; body nearly flat; heavy base ring. At the center of the interior, a small impressed circle; half way between the center ... 30 July 1931


[Agora Object] P 89: Black Glaze Plate: Stamped

Complete save for a chip from rim. Heavy moulded rim; plate nearly flat; high base ring. In the center, an irregular six-pointed star, incised; six stamped palmettes and three bands of hatching. Attic ... 4 August 1931


[Agora Object] P 93: Miniature Bowl

Under surface rough, unfinished from the wheel; curving body; broad projecting rim, nearly flat; wide vertical band handles, carelessly attached. Pink clay; no glaze. Miniature Votive Bowl. Six complete ... 5 August 1931