A 14:2Cistern in ΠΘ10 June 1936 22 April-6 May 19371st. c. B.C. to post-Herulian 
A 18:1Cistern Between Areopagus and Hill of the Nymphs25-30 April 1947  
 B 13:1Chamber Cistern1-8 June 19363rd. c. B.C.-1st. c. A.D. 
 B 13:7Well on South Slope of Kolonos Agoraios20 May 1936-20 May 19373rd. c. B.C.-3rd. c. A.D. 
 B 14:2Well on South Slope of Kolonos Agoraios12 June 1936 23 April 19371st.-4th c. A.D. 
 B 14:3Cistern on Lower South Slope of Kolonos Agoraios9-12 June 193750-100 A.D. 
 B 15:5Strosis9 May 1956  
 B 17:1Strosis8-11 August 1947 17-22 March 1948 4 May 1949 26 March 1956 2 April 1956  
 B 20:1Well6 June-18 July 194650-150 A.D. to Early Byz. 
 B 21:1Cistern8 May 1939 2-10 June 19391st.-2nd. c. A.D. 
 C 8:2Manhole and Gallery22 February-27 May 1936Late 1st c. B.C.-early 1st c. A.D. 
 C 9:1Burnt Roman deposit and shaft27-29 January 1936First half of A.D. 2nd c. 
 C 12:1Well16 March-29 April 1936A.D. 2nd.-3rd. c. 
 C 14:2Cistern6-12 June 1936A.D. 267 to mid 3rd c. 
 C 14:4Well11-12 June 1936 15 May-4 June 1937A.D. 200-150 
 C 20:1Tiled Well in House H3 April-31 May 1947Use filling of early 2nd-mid.-3rd c. A.D. 
 D 4:1West chamber1-16 April 1937Use filling early 1st c. B.C. 
 D 6:1East Chamber1-8 May 1936Late 5th-early 6th c. A.D. 
 D 6:2West Chamber28 April-8 May 1936First half of 3rd c. A.D. 
 D 11:1Well10-30 March 1936 1-25 April 19361st c. B.C. to mid-1st c. A.D. 
 D 12:1Well1 April-24 May 19361st to 3rd century and late 3rd to 6th century. 
 D 15:2Well22 May-4 June 19372nd c. A.D. plus 6th c. A.D. 
 D 17:1Well6-13 June 1949Late 1st-early 2nd c. 
 E 2:1Well17 April 1936 30 April 1936 30 May 1936 6 March 1939Late 4th-early 5th century 
 E 5:4Channel F, water deposit13-16 February 1937 5-9 March 1937 17-18 March 19372nd-early 3rd c. A.D. 
 E 14:7Well C10 -11 June 1935 20 May-20 June 1937  
 F 11:1Well16-28 March 19341st-early 2nd c. A.D. 
 F 13:2Well 76 May-1 June 1935Second half 1st c.-end 2nd c. 
 F 15:5Well17-31 March 1934First half of 1st c. A.D. 
 F 16:2Well of the Laughing Faun26 April-5 May 19321st-5th c. A.D., 2nd c. A.D.=POU 
 F 17:1North Hypocaust Furnace Dump26 March-16 April 1948Second half 3rd c.-first half 4th c. A.D. 
 F 19:1Stratified well23 May-10 June 1939Second half 3rd c.-early 5th c. A.D. 
 G 5:2Cistern11-19 June 1937 6-17 June 1938Late 3rd-mid-4th c. A.D. 
 G 8:1Well12 February-25 March 1934POU Early to second half 1st c. A.D. 
 G 11:2Well in Cistern to West of Tholos18 May-10 June 1937Late 2nd-early 6th c. A.D. 
 H 11:1Well19 May-7 June 1933  
 H-I 12:1Burnt Layers1-9 June 1951 (Ζ) 8-9 July 1947 (Θ)Mid-3rd c. A.D. 
 I 12:1Strosis12 May 1950Mid 3rd. c. A.D. 
 I 16:1Well19 May-13 June 19321st-3rd c. A.D., 5th century 
 J 11-12:1Burned filling28-30 March 1933 5-6 April 1933  
 J 12:1Well9-20 June 1933Late 1st c. to early 3rd cent. and of 4th and 5th cents 
 J 12:2Well19-24 May 1933Late 2nd-early 3rd c. A.D. 
 J 18:1Laundry Well24 April 1940 10-29 March 1947  
J 18:2Well16 February-24 March 19372nd half of 1st c.-first half of 3rd c. A.D. 
 K 9-10:1Red Fill West of Odeion18-21 April 1936 5 May 1936 5-31 March 1952 7 April 1952 29 April 19521st-2nd c. A.D. 
 K 18:1Roman Well Re-Used in Byzantine Times24 March-16 April 1937Late 1st-early 2nd, 4th-5th, 11th centuries. 
 K 20:1Late Roman Hole24 April-13 May 19403rd-4th c. A.D. 
M 17:1Well13 March-15 April 19371st-6th c. A.D. 
 M 18:1Well17 March- April 19372nd c. A.D. 
 M 18:3Late Roman Tomb29 April 1937350-400 A.D. 
 M 19:1Cistern and Channel9 April 1937 30 May 1946First half of 2nd c. A.D. 
 M 20:2Roman Well at 75/E20-22 May 19473rd c. A.D. 
 M-Q 17-21    
 N 13:1Well in Π Late Roman to Turkish13-24 April 19355th c. A.D. - 10th c. A.D. 
 N 15:1Destruction Debris in Late Roman Water BasinFebruary 19366th c. or 7th c. A.D. 
 N 17:2Well24 April -5 May 19391st to mid-2nd c. A.D. 
N 19:1Cistern30 January-April 1937Second quarter to end of 1st c. B.C. 
N 19:2Roman Well at 52/I6-16 June 1938Early to Late Roman 
 N 20:3Well16 March 1938 21 March-4 April 19383rd c. A.D. POU 
 N 20:5Roman Well at 74/IMarch-April 19381st c. to 3d c. A.D. 
 N 21:1Well9-23 June 1939 25 April-23 May 1940Early 1st-5th c. A.D. POU 
 O 17:1Early Roman Cistern31 May-10 June 1938Late 1st c. B.C. 
 O 17:4Well in Branch of Aqueduct29 June-5 August 1955Roman 
 O 18:1Well24-30 May 19384th-6th c. A.D. POU 
 O 18:3Early Roman Fill26-27 May 19381st-early 2nd c. A.D. 
 O 20:1Cistern at 63/ΛΑ13-25 May 1938300-195 B.C. 
 P 7:4Well of Christian Lamp20-21 April 1951Late 5th-early 6th century A.D. 
 P 8:1Circular Building Fills29 May 1951 4 June 1951First half 2nd c. A.D. 
 P 18:1Well15 April-26 May 1938POU 1st c. and 5th-6th c. A.D. 
 P 18:2Well at 30/ΛΣΤ28 April-23 May 1938Early 3rd cent and of 4th-6th cent. A.D. 
 Q 7:3Trench Behind Stoa Stylobate24 February-3 March 1954Late 3rd c. A.D. 
 Q 13:1Manhole28-29 June 1933 29 April-6 May 1936Early 1st c. A.D. 
 Q 13:3Roman Water Mill Construction Fill Roman 
 Q 13:4Roman Water Mill Destruction Fill5 April-3 July 1933 16 June 1939Second half 6th c. A.D. 
 Q 15:1 8-17 June 1933Mid 3rd century 
 Q 17:4Well29 June-27 July 1955Early 1st to 6th c. 
 Q-R 14:1Library of Pantainos - Bone factory2-24 May 1939Late 3rd c.-earliest 4th c. A.D. 
 R 10:1Well East of Stoa Room 114-19 May 1950Late 1st c. B.C.-early 1st c. A.D. 
 R 13:1Well26-29 June 1933 8 April-26 May 1936Ca. 430-400 B.C. 
 R 13:2Well5-6 August 1946Ca. 40-50 A.D. 
 R 14:1Footing Trench of Venetian/Valerian Wall23 March-2 May 1933 25-27 May 1939End 3rd. c. A.D. 
 S 19:1Well at 19/ΛΓ Mid 3rd century A.D. 
 S 21:3Well at 20/ΙΘ3-18 May 1939 16-22 June 1939POU First half of 1st c.-early 3rd c. A.D. 
 S 22:2Well at 43/ΙΕ30 March 1939 22-30 May 19397th-Late 6th century 
B 104Ram18 May 1933  
B 114Lamp7 June 1933  
B 411Plaque18 March 1937  
 B 415Plaque : Boukranion19 March 1937  
B 433Lamp Guard19 April 1937  
 B 505Stand for Lamp or Vessel1935  
B 579Lamp31 May 1938  
B 597Handle14 June 1938  
 B 750Suspension Lamp4 May 1939  
B 882Statuette of Eros20 May 1949Card: 3rd A.D. 
B 1182Candelabrum Top9 May 1956  
 L 1Lamp4 June 1931  
 L 2Lamp4 June 1931  
 L 3Lamp5 June 1931  
 L 4Lamp Fragment5 June 1931  
 L 7Lamp9 June 1931