B 20:1Well6 June-18 July 194650-150 A.D. to Early Byz. 
 B 21:1Cistern8 May 1939 2-10 June 19391st.-2nd. c. A.D. 
 C 8:2Manhole and Gallery22 February-27 May 1936Late 1st c. B.C.-early 1st c. A.D. 
 C 9:1Burnt Roman deposit and shaft27-29 January 1936First half of A.D. 2nd c. 
 C 12:1Well16 March-29 April 1936A.D. 2nd.-3rd. c. 
 C 14:2Cistern6-12 June 1936A.D. 267 to mid 3rd c. 
 C 14:4Well11-12 June 1936 15 May-4 June 1937A.D. 200-150 
 C 20:1Tiled Well in House H3 April-31 May 1947Use filling of early 2nd-mid.-3rd c. A.D.