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E 14:12Disturbed inhumation19 April 1934 24-25 April 1934Late Geometric 
E 14:13Grave of a youth19 April 1934 24-25 April 1934750-725 B.C. 
 F 5:3Pit22-27 March 1937Ca. 450-420 B.C. 
 I 14:1Well15 March-5 April 1934Ca. 625-570 B.C. 
J 8:4Disturbed Chamber Tomb12-15 May 1933Myc. IIIA (1st half of 14th c.) 
 L 11:1Well in a West Part of Odeion Cavea8 June 1946 3-4 July 1946Early Protogeometric 
 Q 15:1 8-17 June 1933Mid 3rd century 
 R 13:4Well3 April-2 May 1933Ca. 440-425 B.C. 
A 164Roof Tile Fragment: Stamped3 April 1933  
A 233Water Pipe Section23 June 1933  
 AF 3Head Fragment30 April 1931  
 AF 10Figurine Fragment4 May 1931  
 AF 90Head Fragment2 March 1932  
 AF 92Head Fragment7 March 1932  
 AF 96Mask Fragment9 March 1932  
 AF 98Figurine Fragment15 March 1932  
 AF 99Head Fragment17 March 1932  
 AF 106Figurine Fragment12 September 1932  
 AF 108Figurine Fragment12 September 1932  
 AF 110Head Fragment16 September 1932  
AF 113Head Fragment19 September 1932  
 AF 116Figurine Fragment21 September 1932  
 AF 122Head Fragment30 September 1932  
 AF 124Figurine Fragment26 September 1932  
 AF 125Head Fragment13 September 1932  
 AF 128Head Fragment7 October 1932  
 AF 129Figurine Fragment11 October 1932  
 AF 132Figurine Fragment17 October 1932  
 AF 133Figurine Fragment17 October 1932  
 AF 134Head Fragment17 October 1932  
 AF 135Figurine Fragment18 October 1932  
AF 136Figurine Fragment18 October 1932  
 AF 137Figurine Fragment18 October 1932  
 AF 138Figurine Fragment19 October 1932  
 AF 142Head Fragment17 October 1932  
 AF 147Figurine Fragment22 September 1932  
 AF 148Figurine Fragment3 October 1932  
 AF 150Head Fragment15 October 1932  
 AF 151Figurine Fragment   
 AF 157Figurine Fragment4 May 1931  
 AF 159Figurine Fragment6 May 1931  
 AF 161Figurine Fragment8 March 1932  
 AF 162Figurine Fragment10 March 1932  
 AF 172Figurine Fragment12 December 1933  
 AF 173Head Fragment1 October 1933  
 AF 174Object Fragment2 October 1933  
 AF 179Head Fragment4 October 1933  
 AF 181Head Fragment (mask?)5 October 1933  
 AF 183Figurine Fragment5 October 1933  
 AF 194Figurine Fragment11 October 1933  
 AF 200Head Fragment12 October 1933  
 AF 205Head Fragment12 October 1933  
 AF 208Head Fragment13 October 1933  
 AF 209Figurine Fragment13 October 1933  
 AF 212Figurine Fragment14 October 1933  
 AF 217Figurine Fragment14 October 1933  
 AF 218Head Fragment16 October 1933  
 AF 219Figurine Fragment16 October 1933  
 AF 220Head Fragment16 October 1933  
 AF 229Head Fragment17 October 1933  
 AF 230Head Fragment17 October 1933  
 AF 231Head Fragment17 October 1933  
 AF 235Animal Figurine Fragment18 October 1933  
 AF 238Head Fragment18 October 1933  
 AF 239Head Fragment18 October 1933  
 AF 240Head Fragment18 October 1933  
 AF 248Head Fragment19 October 1933  
AF 250Head Fragment19 October 1933  
 AF 257Figurine Fragment19 October 1933  
 AF 261Head Fragment19 October 1933  
 AF 269Head Fragment20 October 1933  
 AF 271Head Fragment21 October 1933  
 AF 273Figurine Fragment21 October 1933  
 AF 275Head Fragment21 October 1933  
 AF 282Figurine Fragment8 December 1933  
 AF 284Figurine Fragment8 December 1933  
 AF 286Figurine Fragment12 December 1933  
 AF 287Figurine Fragment12 December 1933  
 AF 288Figurine Fragment14 December 1933  
 AF 290Figurine Fragment7 December 1933  
 AF 292Head Fragment15 December 1933  
 AF 309Head Fragment11 December 1933  
 AF 317Figurine Fragment12 December 1933  
 AF 325Figurine Fragment12 December 1933