[Agora Object] P 2788: Black Figure Neck Amphora Fragment

From the shoulder of a large neck amphora(?). Unglazed inside. At the top a band of stripes; below a double row of dots; a bit of vine in the field. Preserved is the upper part of a head, right; white ... August-September 1932

[Agora Object] P 3300: Black Figure Neck Amphora Fragment

Broken all around; from a closed pot, unglazed inside. The head and shoulders of Hermes, left, and beneath a handle, (broken away) a smaller figure left. Vine in field. Red for the beards and part of ... 31 March 1934

[Agora Object] P 9264: Black Figure Neck Amphora Fragment

Fragment from shoulder and upper wall of a neck amphora. Shoulders and head of a woman, draped, to left, her hair bound with a fillet. At left a branch; at right, trace of handle attachment; above, a row ... 3 March 1937


[Agora Object] P 9267: Black Figure Neck Amphora Fragments

Broken all around. Fragments from shoulder of smallish round closed pot; interior unglazed. On a) Dionysos, right, being carried(?). Red for his beard and stripes on his garment; white for his drinking ... 27 February 1937


[Agora Object] P 15920: Black Figure Neck Amphora Fragments

Three fragments from the wall of a small neck-amphora. a) Mended from seven pieces, preserves the wall from just above the shoulder curve to near the bottom of the lower border; start of band handle remains ... 4 May 1939


[Agora Object] P 17060: Black Figure Neck Amphora Fragment

Broken all around. A single fragment from top of body of a closed pot. Satyr, head full face, playing lyre; branches in the field. Black tongues across top. White ground. Mixed fill. Leica ... 1937

[Agora Object] P 20393: Black Figure Neck Amphora Fragment

Small fragment from the shoulder of a thin-walled closed pot (amphora?); tongues above. Head of a youth, right, his hair krobylos fashion; he carries a spear or goad. Glaze black to red. Ostrakon fill, ... 20 October 1949


[Agora Object] P 24645: Black Figure Neck Amphora Fragments

Fragment a) (side A), made from two pieces: warrior striking right (head, right side and arm), another warrior in a crouching(?) attitude (head and part of right shoulder). Above: part of tongues. Fragment ... 26 May 1954