[Ambrosia Publication] Lekythos

Milano: Crocetti, ... Crocetti pbl ... ca. 1981- ... Lekythos


[Agora Object] P 19283: Lekythos

Several small holes in body; minor chips; otherwise unbroken. Small trefoil mouth with deep collar and rounded rim. Very narrow neck; plump body; ring foot. Roughly ribbed handle, from below collar. ... 28 April 1948 ... Lekythos


[Agora Object] P 14794: Lekythos

About half of a terracotta plaque, representing in high relief, a draped man, right, lifting a draped girl with his hands at her waist. The right edge is preserved and part of the rounded back of the base, ... 13 April 1939 ... Lekythos

[Agora Object] P 15431: Lekythos

Mended from many pieces; fragments of wall missing. Shoulder lekythos with rounded wall, low echinus mouth and spreading foot. Glazed to shoulder, on handle, for a line around neck at handle attachment ... 5 June 1939 ... Lekythos

[Agora Object] P 10322: Lekythos

Neck broken, repaired. Three palmettes, a loop in white over each one. On shoulder, rays. Cf. P 10318. Grave 7 (10). Not on Agora grid. Leica, 6-168 ... 21 March 1936 ... Lekythos

[Agora Object] P 10324: Lekythos

Neck broken. Surface worn; much of glaze gone. Woman hastens right, looking left, with ivy spray. She is dressed in chiton and himation. Above, maeander. On shoulder, palmettes and rays. Grave 7 (12) ... 21 March 1936 ... Lekythos

[Agora Object] P 10327: Lekythos

Surface badly worn; much of glaze gone. Three seated draped figures. The central one sits right and plays the lyre. The other two face him. Background, ivy spray. Above picture, maeander. On shoulder, ... 23 March 1936 ... Lekythos

[Agora Object] P 10329: Lekythos

Handle missing. Surface chipped in line around half of center. Sides concave at center. Three pairs of men and women embracing. White for flesh of women, red for folds and fillets. On shoulder, rays. ... 23 March 1936 ... Lekythos