[Ambrosia Publication] Lekythos

Milano: Crocetti, ... Crocetti pbl ... ca. 1981- ... Lekythos

[Agora Object] P 16327: Lekythos

Lip, neck and most of handle missing from squat lekythos. Female head in dotted sakkos, left; a rough volute in front of her. No relief contour. Bottom unglazed. Presumably in suburb Peristeri near church ... 18 January 1940 ... Lekythos

[Agora Object] P 10343: Lekythos

Repaired. Half foot missing and part of sides near shoulder. Herakles and three Amazons. Three dotted lines above. Rays on shoulder. White for flesh of Amazons and various ornaments; where it has been ... 24 March 1936 ... Lekythos