[Agora Deposit] D 14:1: Well E

Nbp. 3104: When dug, the fill of the well divided itself into 3 deposits. Objects catalogued from the "earth" are: L 4838, P 21602, P 21603, P 21604. Dumped filling of Turkish times. Coins: 17 May 1937 ... Late 6th-7th c. A.D ... Agora

[Agora Deposit] F 12:5: Well 1

Unfinished well cut in bedrock; dumped filling containing much material of the 7th c. B.C. but extending into the 6th ... 7th-ca. 570 B.C ... Well 1


[Agora Deposit] N 12:1: Child's Pit Grave

Mycenaean grave. It consisted of a shallow rectangular cutting in bedrock about 1.40m by 0.70m, but it was probably somewhat bigger, since the east side and a large part of the north side had been cut ... Myc. IIIA:1-2 ... Agora


[Agora Deposit] M 16-17:1: Pit Tomb, Adult Inhumation

Grave (E.L. Smithson: Grave II: SM). Unlined trench, roughly the size of the deceased, cut into bedrock to a depth of just over 1.50m. Oriented north-south, the tomb pit measured 1.69m in length (length ... Late Mycenaean/Submycenaean-Earliest Protogeometric ... Agora


[Agora Deposit] L 17:4: Pyre 1

Pyre 1 in Central House, Room XI, strosis 3. Sacrificial pyre with characteristic small vases amid carbonized twigs and bone. Near north side of courtyard. This pit was cut slightly into strosis 3 (lot ... 1st quarter 4th c. B.C ... Pyre 1

[Agora Deposit] B 21:1: Cistern

Cistern in valley west of the Areopagus. Dumped filling of late 1st. to early 2nd. c. and of 5th to 6th century. Coins: 7 June 1939 #12 8 June 1939 #18-#19 9 June 1936 #26 ... 1st.-2nd. c. A.D ... Agora


[Agora Deposit] E 19:1: Grave 1

Grave cut into bedrock (L. 2m, W. 0.58m), head toward E; offerings at south end. Skeleton of a male about 40 years old, laid out with knees slightly bent. Brann. PD 434 ... 750-725 B.C ... Grave 1

[Agora Deposit] T 17:1: Church of Christ Grave 1

Church of Christ: Grave 1 in notebook. Coins: 18 March 1936 #1-#2 26 March 1936 #1 ... 18, 23, 25 March 1936 ... Church of Christ Grave 1