[Agora Deposit] L 3:1: Goat Horn Pit

Michael Laughy ... Debris pit, located in Room 2 of ΒΘ East. Pit measures ca. 2.30 by 1.70m., and nearly a meter deep. The pottery from the pit dates ca. 10th-12th c. A.D. The fill of the pit consisted of soft, black charcoal ... 10th-12th c. A.D ... Hesperia 84 (2015), pp. 497-499, figs. 26, 27.


[Agora Deposit] E 18:1: Grave 5

Shaft oriented N to S (L. 1.30, W. 0.43 at bottom). Fill shot through with cinders and wood ash. Skeleton of a male about 50 years old. Brann. PD 1065 ... 750-700 B.C ... Shaft oriented N to S (L. 1.30, W. 0.43 at ... old. Brann.

[Agora Deposit] U 26:4: Latest Mycenaean Well C in OA

Well 19: Latest Mycenaean. Near Klepsydra. Diameter mouth 1.25-1.35m., narrowing about a third of the way down and becoming rectangular, 0.90-1.0 to a side. Muddy at m; water collecting rapidly at 8.m ... Late Mycenaean ... U 26:4 ... U 26:4


[Agora Deposit] E 19:1: Grave 1

Grave cut into bedrock (L. 2m, W. 0.58m), head toward E; offerings at south end. Skeleton of a male about 40 years old, laid out with knees slightly bent. Brann. PD 434 ... 750-725 B.C ... Grave cut into bedrock (L. 2m, W. 0.58m), head ... Brann.

[Agora Deposit] K-L 18-20:1: Drain System

Accumulated fillings in a system of underground drains at west end of section ΔΔ with northward continuation into and across Section Υ. The filling in the "underground passages" in section ΔΔ appears to ... 3rd c. B.C. 2nd c A.D ... K-L 18-20:1 ... K-L 18-20:1

[Agora Deposit] H 12:10: Pit Below Early Road-Drain, Tholos Trench L

Beneath layer 11. "Despite its extreme irregularity this pit may be an early well, for it would seem definitely to be an artificial cutting and sherds were found in its lowest part," (Nbp. 2095). Contemporary ... SubMycenaean ... Pit Below Early Road-Drain, Tholos Trench L

[Agora Deposit] I 7:1: Late Lime Pit

L 1079 and L 1080 are identified as from a pit at 29/ΝΓ. L 1082 and P 2130 are from a pit at 26-29/ΜΘ-ΝΑ. Probably the same pit as indicated on a note in deposit cardex. The finds are recorded together ... 5th c ... Η':26-32/ΜΗ-ΝΓ ... Η':26-29/ΜΘ-ΝΑ

[Agora Deposit] L-M 17-18:1: Southwest House and Central House (1958)

Fillings associated with early houses on the lower north slopes of the Areopagus; various levels and dates. Both houses were built in the 6th century B.C. and destroyed by the Persians; both also have ... 6rd c. B.C.-3rd c. A.D ... L-M 17-18:1 ... L-M 17-18:1