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[Agora Report] 1948 Excavations ΝΝ, ΞΞ: Sections ΝΝ-ΞΞ 1948 Early Houses

Rodney S. Young ... Excavations were confined to a strip on the west side of the Great Drain where four houses of the 5th and 4th centuries B.C. were excavated and examined in their relationship to the Great Drain. In the ... 13 Mar-29 Apr 1948 ... Rodney S. Young

[Corinth Report] Nezi Field excavations 2013, by Kyle Jazwa; Hilary Lehmann (April 29 - May 17): Sesssion 2, Nezi Field, Final Report

Nezi 2013 Season Session 2 Final Report Kyle Jazwa; Hilary Lehmann N 1011.50-1017.49; E 259.60-269.70 23 May 2013 This is the final report for the second session of excavation at Nezi, 2013. Guy Sanders ... Roman (4th-6th c. CE) to the Byzantine period (8th-12th c ... approximate 1st c. CE date as 1101.

[Corinth Report] Temple E, Southeast excavations 2015, by Rodríguez-Álvarez, Emilio, Lorenzová, Alžběta with additions from Larkin Kennedy (April 21 - April 28): Final Report Unit 2, Rooms 4 and 6. Session I 2015

Introduction: This is the final report for the first session of excavations in the 2015 season for Rooms 4 and 6 of Unit II in the area of Temple E SE. Room 4 was last excavated by A. Rohn in July and ... 1997-13C (1069.25-1069.90N; ... and 1997-13C ... burials (young adult and adult