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Boundary Stones and House of Simon the Cobbler Inscribed marble posts were used to mark the entrances to the Agora wherever a street led into the open square. Two have been found in situ, inscribed with ... around 500 B.C. (Figs. 23, ... Tholos, ca. 500 B.C. Figure 24 ... B.C., while a fragmentary

[Agora Webpage] AgoraPicBk 16 2003: Panathenaic Way


Panathenaic Way Numerous roads led in and out of the Agora square. By far the most important, however, was the broad street known as the Dromos or Panathenaic Way, the principal thoroughfare of the city ... A.C., looking along the ... B.C. until the 6th century ... ground for the young recruits

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Ostracism In addition to the legal assassination condoned in the Law against Tyranny, a less extreme method was also available for removing powerful but dangerous men from public life. This was a formal, ... B.C. The potsherds, or ... in 483/2 B.C. It was his ... the young Perikles had

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Military Service After the 18-year-old was registered in his deme as a citizen and was approved by the Council, he entered military service as a young conscript (ephebe) with other members of his tribe ... service as a young conscript ... fourth century B.C ... century B.C., stamped with

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State Religion: The Archon Basileus There was no attempt in Classical Athens to separate church and state. Altars and shrines were intermingled with the public areas and buildings of the city. A single ... 47S B.C. H.: 0.097 m ... young warrior offers a ... reforms, in about 500 B.C. In

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The Archaeologists The First Generation The Agora Excavations staff and work force, 1933. Archaeologists, staff, foremen, and workmen gathered under the Hephaisteion for a group photograph. The staff of ... Traquair, Rodney Young, Eugene ... inscriptions. Rodney Young began ... 1, 1948, p. 13). Young was

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Sokrates The philosopher Sokrates was one of many Athenians critical of the people and their control over affairs of state. His probing public debates with fellow citizens led to his trial for impiety ... 5th century B.C. was ... young to frequent the square ... Sth century B.C. D.:

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The Speakers Litigants spoke on their own behalf, although occasionally using speeches prepared by trained professionals; skillful rhetoric was necessary in order to sway a jury. The speeches written by ... Macedon in the 4th century B.C ... a young man he withdrew ... century B.C. H.: 0.172 m.