[Agora Object] P 15837: Red Figure Bell Krater Fragment

Fragment from wall of rather small bell krater; part of rim, decorated with heart-shaped leaves, preserved; shiny black inside, with narrow reserved line. Nude warrior, in crested helmet, to left, fighting; ... 22 June 1939

[Agora Object] P 22345: Red Figure Bell Krater Fragment

Wall fragment; broken all around; surface chipped. Head and shoulders of a woman with head turned back to right, towards a second figure of which part of the arm, resting on drapery, remains. Glaze fired ... 13 May 1952


[Agora Object] P 22566: Red Figure Bell Krater Fragment

Mended from two pieces. From the reverse; part of the wreath of leaves on the rim. Two draped youths to right; the figure on the left holds a diskos, below which is an aryballos in the field. No relief ... May 1939

[Agora Object] P 22616: Red Figure Bell Krater Fragment

Single fragment, broken all around, preserving face, right shoulder and arm of youth to right; arm extended. Glaze fired chestnut in places; pink clay. Well. 2461 Leica ... April-June 1936

[Agora Object] P 22617: Red Figure Bell Krater Fragments

Seven joining fragments give part of reverse and lower border. On the right, feet and lower part of himation of youth facing to left; then legs, lower half and part of staff of youth wearing himation, ... April-June 1936

[Agora Object] P 22623: Red Figure Bell Krater Fragment

Part of the reverse. Most of the head, with shoulders and upper body, of a draped youth, seen frontally, looking to right; fillet on head. No relief contour. Dull glaze; pink clay. Well. Box 86. 2229 ... April-May 1936


[Agora Object] P 22624: Red Figure Bell Krater Fragment

Wall fragment. Apotheosis of Herakles: part of Herakles and Nike in a chariot. On the left is the chariot rail; on the right, the body and thighs of Herakles, his left hand holding the club; his himation, ... April-May 1936


[Agora Object] P 23524: Red Figure Bell Krater Fragment: Inscribed

Fragment from upper wall of bell krater preserving part of rim (not its edge). Wreath on rim. On wall, capital of a Doric column with a section of cornice set upon it. Necking band, maeander pattern. Partial ... 28 May 1953