[Agora Object] Agora XXX, no. 592

Shoulder fragment. Background glaze fired gray. Max. dim. 0.058. Youth (filleted head) to right. In front of him, the top of an unintelligible object. Behind him, at the break, the end of a contour line ... Ca. 470 B.C.

[Agora Object] Agora XXX, no. 593

Shoulder fragment with turn of body. Max. dim. 0.088. M. Lang, Graffiti in the Athenian Agora (Agora Picture Book 14), rev. ed., Princeton 1988, p. 13, fig. 34; R. Lamberton and S. Rotroff, Birds of the ... Ca. 470-460 B.C.

[Agora Object] Agora XXX, no. 594

Shoulder fragment with start of neck. Glaze pitted in places. Part of the glaze fired brown. Max. dim. 0.077. Youth or woman (wreathed head), then part of a wing of someone, both to right. Relief contour: ... Ca. 480-470 B.C.

[Agora Object] Agora XXX, no. 595

Mended from just a few fragments with much restored in plaster and painted. Much of the glaze abraded. Rest. H. 0.25; diam. 0.247. Man (lower part of himation) to right, leaning on a stick in front of ... Ca. 480-470 B.C.

[Agora Object] Agora XXX, no. 596

Shoulder and body fragment. Glaze fired greenish in places. Max. dim. 0.115. At the left, the right half of a kithara, including some of the sash, held by someone (now missing). At the right, a woman ... Ca. 460-450 B.C.

[Agora Object] Agora XXX, no. 597

Shoulder fragment with thickening for start of neck. Max. dim. 0.042. Prange, Niobidenmaler, p. 176, cat. no. A 102. Dionysos (top of wreathed head, face, start of beard) to right. Above, reserved line ... Ca. 460 B.C.

[Agora Object] Agora XXX, no. 598

Shoulder fragment. Glaze mottled and misfired in places. Max. dim. 0.11. Prange, Niobidenmaler, p. 215, cat. no. GN 54. Woman (filleted head, right shoulder) to right, wearing a chiton. Behind her, a ... Ca. 450 B.C.

[Agora Object] Agora XXX, no. 599

Shoulder fragment with start of neck. Glaze fired red except for ribbons on woman's head. Max. dim. 0.06. Matheson, Polygnotos, p. 376, cat. no. CHR 58. Woman (head, shoulders, right arm) standing frontally, ... Ca. 440 B.C.