[Agora Object] S 1212: Base with Shields

Base for half column (?) decorated on front with two plastic shields set on edge, and on top with one shield, convex face upward. Cuttings on top for two dowels (?) and a clamp cutting leading back. Note ... June 1939


[Agora Object] A 1138: Capital Fragment: Corinthian with Mason's Mark

Fragment preserves part of bottom and start of leaves. Inscribed on bearing surface in letters varying in height: Κ Η Ο Θ C. Pentelic marble. Odeion series. ADDENDA From round free standing column of ... 23 July 1946


[Agora Object] A 1168: Orthostate Block Fragment

Broken away above and much mutilated elsewhere. Clearly from an outside corner having two adjoining faces finished and two prepared as joint surfaces. Apophyge on two outer faces. From Odeion. Pentelic ... April 1935


[Agora Object] A 1178: Roof Tile Fragment

From lower end of stroter, showing channel on underside, and high lateral flanges on top. Brown clay; coarse brown grog. From pile of tiles removed from burnt layer of Odeion, S.E. corner of cryptoporticus ... August 1946


[Agora Object] A 1179: Roof Tile Fragment

From upper end of stroter, showing drip check and lateral flanges on upper surface. Flanges cut down at upper ends. Buff clay; buff grog. From pile of tiles removed from burnt layer of Odeion, S.E. corner ... August 1946

[Agora Object] A 1180: Roof Tile Fragment

Length from top edge of tile to edge of channel on underside is 0.58m. to which is to be added normal width of remaining part, viz. 0.10m., making a total length of 0.68m. Normal drip check and lateral ... August 1946

[Agora Object] A 1181: Roof Tile Fragment

Fragment from upper end of kalypter. Note that the upper 0.135m. are slightly reduced in size to permit snugger fit. Buff clay, coarse grog. From pile of tiles removed from burnt layer of Odeion, S.E ... August 1946


[Agora Object] A 1184: Roof Tile Fragment: Inscribed

Fragment from lower end of stroter of usual form. Green impurity in marble. good work. Inscribed on underside: ΔΙΓ. Pentelic marble. Found at L/6-12/9 (Fall 2016). From burnt debris in S.W. corner of cryptoporticus ... 1934