[Corinth Monument] Aghioi Theodoroi

A village to the east of the Isthmus. Northwest of the city of Ag. Theodoroi, in 1961, archaeologists unearthed the ruins of ancient Krommyona. Important discoveries were made like a statue of Apollo, ... Corinth


[Corinth Monument] Agios Basilios

A village located 25 km south of Corinth. Archaeological excavations prove that the area around Ayios Vasilios has been settled since pre-historical times. Zygouries, west of Ayios Vasilios, was excavated ... Corinth

[Corinth Monument] Argive Heraion

The Heraion of Argos is an ancient sanctuary in Argos, Greece. It was part of the greatest sanctuary in the Argolid, dedicated to Hera, whose epithet "Argive Hera" appears in Homer's works. The memory ... Corinth


[Corinth Monument] Perachora

A distinctive feature of the Corinthian landscape, this peninsula projects in to the Corinthian Gulf north of Corinth and the Lechaion Harbor. The Sanctuary of Hera is situated in a small cove on the ... Corinth


[Corinth Monument] Temple A

Temple A is a Classical and Hellenistic structure which lay partly under the shops along the east side of the Lechaion Road and partly under the Peribolos of Apollo. Preserved are the foundations of a ... Corinth