[Agora Deposit] I 9:1: Metroon-Drain Cut

Exploration in the area between the east front of the Hellenistic Metroon and the Great Drain, from accumulated road metal of early north-south road. For levels in the same road further south, see F-G ... 575-525 B.C ... I 9:1 ... I 9:1

[Agora Deposit] E 13:1: Well 5

Carefully cut in bedrock with firm footholds on either side. The use filling is represented by a few fragments of water jars (uninventoried), indicating a short period of use. The dumped filling, below ... Ca. 470-425 B.C ... E 13:1 ... E 13:1

[Agora Deposit] I 6:1: Cut to East of Exedra

Cut to east of Exedra. Accumulated road packing between the Stoa of Zeus and the early altar to the east, various levels and dates, as late as early as 6th c. B.C. and as late as 5th c. A.D ... 15-17 April 1935 ... Cut to East of Exedra