[Agora Object] L 886: Lamp

Handle broken off; mended from several pieces; part of bottom and lower side of nozzle missing. Convex sides; a set of panels enclosing concentric circles on rim. On discus, animal (hare?) running right ... 20 April 1933 ... Η' 178 ... L 886 ... L 886

[Agora Object] L 887: Lamp

Half of nozzle and part of bottom missing. Convex sides. Herringbone on rim. Whirling rosette on discus. Solid handle, grooved above and below. On reverse, double bounding line and small circles. Unglazed ... 22 April 1933 ... Η' 190 ... L 887 ... L 887

[Agora Object] L 888: Lamp

Top of handle, part of rim, discus, sides and bottom missing. Double convex sides. Herringbone on rim. Rays on discus separated from rim by high ridge. Pierced handle with grooves below. On reverse, low ... 22 April 1933 ... Η' 191 ... L 888 ... L 888

[Agora Object] L 889: Lamp Fragment: Inscribed

Fragment of handle, rim, side, and bottom. Convex sides. Small circles on rim. Pierced handle with grooves above and below. On reverse, within double bounding line, part of signature. Unglazed. Buff clay ... 22 April 1933 ... Η' 192 ... L 889 ... L 889

[Agora Object] L 890: Lamp Fragment

Part of shield of lamp; all the rest of the lamp is broken away; the solid handle is preserved in part behind. The shield has an imitation rivet head at the junction of the shield and the body. On the ... 22 April 1933 ... Η' 193 ... L 890 ... L 890

[Agora Object] L 891: Mold Fragment for Lamp

More than half of the mold for the top side of lamp has been broken away. On the rim, grape clusters and tendrils. On the discus, a rosette on which a Greek cross has been superimposed. Unglazed. Coarse ... 22 April 1933 ... Η' 194 ... L 891 ... L 891

[Agora Object] P 2498: Bowl Fragment: Stamped

Late Roman C bowl. Mended from many pieces; about half of the rim missing, also many other fragments of sides and center and bottom. Restored in plaster. Low ring base; shallow, flaring sides with offset ... Card: ca. 460-475 A.D ... Η' 526 ... P 2498 ... P 2498

[Agora Object] P 2499: Bowl Fragment with Rouletting: Stamped

Late Roman C bowl. Mended from nine pieces; well over half of rim missing, and fragments of rim and bottom; restored in plaster. Low ring base; shallow flaring sides with offset rim. Distinct marks of ... Card: ca. 460-475 A.D ... Η' 527 ... P 2499 ... P 2499