[Agora Object] L 918: Lamp Fragment: Inscribed

Formerly the lamp had many nozzles, of which only one now remains. The nozzle is outlined by double grooves. On the reverse, within a double bounding line of inverted arcs of circles and a double circular ... 27 April 1933 ... Η' 208 ... L 918 ... L 918


[Agora Object] P 3079: Plate with Rouletting: Stamped

Late Roman C plate, fragmentary but there can be no doubt about the profile; restored in plaster. Vertical, slightly concave rim with rouletting on the outside. Low base ring; floor rises toward middle ... 27 April 1933 ... Η' 600 ... P 3079 ... P 3079

[Agora Object] T 435: Relief Plaque Fragment

Male figure riding to left. None of the original surface is preserved. The head of the figure and the lower part of his body except for his left knee are missing. Preserved: his left, raised arm, his torso ... 27 April 1933 ... Η' 209 ... T 435 ... T 435


[Agora Object] A 187: Cover Tile Fragment: Stamped

Broken at both ends; the stamp impressed lengthwise of the tile on its upper flat surface. Ν Μ Η Τ Ρ Ι Θ Ε Ω [Ν] Σ Κ Α Ι Α Μ Μ Ω Ν [Η] Metroon Series. Cf. A 136, A 164 and SS 113, with the same inscription ... 28 April 1933 ... Η' 211 ... A 187 ... A 187

[Agora Object] SS 1447: Stamped Amphora Handle: Knidian

Small fragment. Light color of clay. Impression broken and chipped away to right, incomplete above, left. Cf. Dumont (1872), pp. 257, 258, nos. 66, 72. Par: Dumont 1871, p257, nr 66 and p258, nr 72* ... Late Roman ... Η' 213 ... SS 1447 ... SS 1447


[Agora Object] I 749: Honorary Decree Fragment

Inscribed fragment. Broken all round, and behind. Honorary decree in praise of an archon and his two paredroi. Nine lines of the inscription preserved; stoichedon. Pentelic marble. Found in Byzantine building, ... 288-263 B.C ... Η' 216 ... I 749 ... I 749