[Agora Object] L 123: Lamp

Body with curving sides merging with rim; open socket through center. Short nozzle, blunt nozzle encroaching on rim. High base. Mottled red and black glaze over the entire lamp, badly chipped. Buff clay ... 28 June 1931 ... L 123 ... L 123 ... Α

[Agora Object] L 126: Lamp

Nozzle broken. On rim, stamped circles around double groove. On discus, standing male figure, imperial Byzantine type, with long palm branch in right hand. Handle solid, with hatched band. On bottom, double ... 29 June 1931 ... L 126 ... L 126 ... Α

[Agora Object] I 44: Grave Monument Fragment

Inscribed small fragment of grave monument. The top surface meets the face in a beveled edge; other sides broken. Traces of red in the letters. Pentelic marble. ADDENDA Belongs to I 47. Found at a late ... Late 6th. century B.C ... I 44 ... I 44 ... Α


[Agora Object] P 113: Panathenaic Amphora Fragment: Inscribed

Fragment preserves a band of black glaze, beneath which traces of letters: Nb. p. 633, #8. Near wall. 633 Leica ... 30 June 1931 ... P 113 ... P 113 ... Α 1423

[Agora Object] T 23: Head Fragment of Egyptian Priest Figurine

First interpretation: head of female figurine. Front part of head. Large heavy lidded eyes, broad flat nose; thick lips; round fat cheeks; thick neck. Traces of red paint over white. Mold made. Hollow ... 30 June 1931 ... T 23 ... T 23 ... Α

[Agora Object] T 24: Boy Figurine Fragment

First interpretation: face of female figurine. Lower part of the face. Rounded face; broad flattened nose; small mouth with thick lips; double chin; fat neck. Mold made; hollow. Pink clay. ADDENDA: Same ... 30 June 1931 ... T 24 ... T 24 ... Α


[Agora Object] SS 91: Stamped Amphora Handle: Rhodian

Typical rising shape, arched. Fine clay, light red, yellow near surface; pinkish cream slip. Impression set with a curve; incomplete at top. Par: Nilsson 1909 nr 352 (31 seals as ep)* Finished Ἐπὶ̣ Παυ̣σά̣ν̣ια ... 30 June 1931 ... SS 91 ... SS 91 ... Α

[Agora Object] L 127: Lamp

On rim, herringbone. On discus, Christian monogram; cross, bars grooved, loop to right. Handle solid, double grooved. On bottom, single almond-shaped groove, signed: "XIONHΣ". Unglazed. Red clay. Type ... 30 June 1931 ... L 127 ... L 127 ... Α