[Agora Object] B 152: Weight

The back is scooped out. On the obverse, an owl, standing left, his head facing, crudely incised. 1/6 mina. Modern fill. Leica, 4-201, 4-214, XXXIX-48 ... 28 February 1934

[Agora Object] B 270: Weight

A small rectangle, incused inscription on top. Surface filling, black earth. Leica ... 19 February 1936


[Agora Object] B 492: Athenian Weight : "a Fourth"

Thick square slab of bronze. The metal having a high lead content. On the top added in relief, an oval shield. Inscribed on top lengthwise of the shield and around two vertical faces. Σταθμά εξ ορειχάλκου ... 4 June 1937


[Agora Object] B 495: Athenian Weight : Stater

Thick square slab of bronze. The metal with a high lead context. On the top, in relief, an astragal. Incised on the top and around two of the side faces. Σταθμά εξ ορειχάλκου. Αθηναϊκός ενεπίγραφος στατήρας ... 7 June 1937


[Agora Object] B 497: Athenian Weight : "a Sixth"

Thick square bronze block. Tortoise on top in relief. Inscribed on top and sides. Σταθμά εξ ορειχάλκου. Φέρει στην κορυφή ανάγλυφη παράσταση χελώνας. Βάρος: 126 gr. Well, lower fill, earth. Stoa Gallery ... 11 June 1937

[Agora Object] B 669: Weight

Small circular weight, wider below than above. The top domed, and supplied with a loop-handle. Pocket in firm brown strosis below fill of brown earth and pulverized mortar. 517-519 Leica ... 20 April 1939

[Agora Object] B 688: Weight

Squat truncated pyramid. The stub of a projecting pin (for handle or attachment ?) on the bottom. M. Farnsworth reports that although the material is bronze, it appears to contain more lead than is usual ... 15 May 1939

[Agora Object] B 752: Weight

Complete. A solid, low cylindrical trunk, surmounted by a convex top of larger diameter. To the top is affixed a round loop, in which is fastened a ring. Fill VI. 178 Leica ... First half of 5th c. B.C.