Agora Object: B 1462
Collection:   Agora
Type:   Object
Name:   B 1462
Inventory Number:   B 1462
Section Number:   ΠΠ 1230
Title:   Fragment of Funnel and Gate
Category:   Bronze
Description:   One fragment preserving profile of funnel and part of gate.
Coarse outer layer of red clay folded over two inner layers of finer blackened clay. Central layer forms rounded gate. Thin layer of fine slip on interior of bowl, blackened at base where funnel overlaps gate.
Conservation Status:   Finished
Context:   Casting pit.
Notebook Page:   2287
Negatives:   Leica, 87-435
PD Number:   2249-9
Dimensions:   P.H. 0.089; Th. (outer layer) 0.022, (inner layer) 0.010, (central layer) ca. 0.007; D. (funnel) 0.030
Date:   April, May 1956
Section:   ΠΠ
Grid:   ΠΠ:6-11/ΜΒ-ΜΑ
Deposit:   A 16:1
Lot:   Lot ΠΠ 388
Bibliography:   Hesperia 46 (1977), p. 354, pl. 83, no. C3.
References:   Publication: Hesperia 46 (1977)
Image: 2018.05.0406
Image: 2018.05.0407
Deposit: A 16:1
Lot: ΠΠ 388
Notebook: ΠΠ-12
Notebook: ΠΠ-13
Notebook Page: ΠΠ-13-72 (pp. 2531-2532)
Card: B 1462