Agora Object: L 3713
Collection:   Agora
Type:   Object
Name:   L 3713
Inventory Number:   L 3713
Section Number:   Ψ 909
Title:   Plastic Lamp: Boar
Category:   Lamps
Description:   Intact except for cracks.
A boar, sitting on his haunches, his head turned slightly to one side; an elongated oval base serves as infundibulum, the nozzle under the boar's snout. Pierced ungrooved handle missing from the back of the animal's neck.
Two grooves around base, the animal's eyes pierced. Filling hole at side.
Matte red glaze. The nozzle and the boar's snout blackened from use.
Brownish-red clay.
Context:   Well, container 43.
Notebook Page:   1110
Negatives:   Leica, XVIII-81, LXIX-24
Dimensions:   H. 0.087; W. 0.045; L. 0.098
Material:   Ceramic
Date:   18 April 1939
Section:   Ψ
Grid:   Ψ:18/Η
Elevation:   -22--21m.
Masl:   -22--21m.
Deposit:   N 17:1.3
Period:   Roman
Bibliography:   Agora VI, no. 1097, p. 82, pl. 31.
References:   Publication: Agora VI
Publication Page: Agora 6, s. 105, p. 93
Report: 1939 Ψ
Report Page: 1939 Ψ, s. 2
Image: 2012.51.0309 (XVIII-81)
Image: 2012.54.0523 (LXIX-24)
Deposit: N 17:1
Deposit: N 17:1.3
Notebook: Ψ-6
Notebook Pages (5)
Card: L 3713
Card: L 3713