Agora Coin: N 27293
Inventory Number:   N 27293
Section Number:   Ι-768
Category:   Coin
Description:   Sv. ---
Notes:   Coin no. 103.
Context:   Black earth below strosis.
Obverse:   Head or bust of Athena r., rarely l., wearing Corinthian, Attic, or composite helmet, often highly varied in style. She occasionally wears a necklace. If a head, truncation is either bare or with slight drapery; if a bust, it may be heavily draped or armored with aegis; border of dots.
Reverse:   AθHNAI-ω-N Athena as Agora XXVI, no. 257.
Negatives:   C 495, 91-13-31
Weight:   4.74
Denomination:   Drachm
Material:   Bronze
Metal:   Bronze
Chronology:   Ca. 264-267 A.D.
Date:   27 April 1933
Section:   Ι
Grid:   Ι:26/ΙΕ
Elevation:   67.00m.
Masl:   67m.
Period:   Greek
Region:   Attica
Authority:   Athens
Bibliography:   Agora XXVI, no. 319 a, photo.
References:   Publication: Agora XXVI
Publication Page: Agora 26, s. 177, p. 151
Publication Page: Agora 26, s. 366, p. 340
Image: 2012.78.0036 (91-13-31)
Card: Ι-768
Card: Ι-768