Agora Coin: N 30105
Collection:   Agora
Type:   Coin
Name:   N 30105
Inventory Number:   N 30105
Section Number:   Κ-1022
Category:   Coin
Description:   BMC 134--136.
[alpha with broken bar]
Notes:   Weight: Broken
Obverse:   Head of Maenad r., wearing vine wreath.
Reverse:   IςTIA-IEωN Bunch of grapes.
Die Axis:   -
Material:   Bronze
Metal:   Bronze
Chronology:   ca. 2nd--1st century B.C.
Date:   24 Jul 1947
Section:   Κ
Period:   Greek
Region:   Euboia
Authority:   Histiaia
Bibliography:   Agora XXVI, no. 634 d
References:   Publication: Agora XXVI
Publication Page: Agora 26, s. 240, p. 214
Publication Page: Agora 26, s. 367, p. 341
Notebook: Κ-9
Notebook Page: Κ-9-27 (pp. 1644-1645)
Card: Κ-1022