[Corinth Image] slide 3600

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[Agora Object] AP 3600: Closed Shape Fragments: Linear

Sixteen sherds mended into four non-joining sections to a small closed shape (probably a jug), with raised concave base. The exterior decoration consists of three bands below the handle zone and a medium ... LH IIIB-C ... AP 3600 ... AP 3600

[Agora Object] I 3600: Grave Monument Fragment

Fragment of inscribed columnar grave monument. Top surface and entire circumference preserved. Hymettian marble. ADDENDA I 3586 (ΣΑ 141)-I 3600 (ΣΑ 156): Columnar grave monuments brought in from the Stoa, ... 2nd. century B.C ... 141)-I 3600 (ΣΑ 156): Columnar


[Corinth Image] West wall, gate

1933 ... bw 3600 ... 3600

[Agora Object] P 3600: Plate Fragment: Stamped

From the center of a Late Roman C plate. A Greek cross on a stand, stamped three times, the stamp to the right nearly all broken away. Red wash inside. Leica ... 20 April 1934 ... P 3600 ... P 3600