[Agora Deposit] C 9:1: Burnt Roman deposit and shaft

A burnt deposit set down into Hellenistic fill in a shaft dug into bedrock. A consistent dumped fill [post AD 150, with Group G, layer III, JWH]. Coins: 27 January 1936 #1-#3 28 January 1936 #1-#7 29 January ... First half of A.D. 2nd c ... ΠΘ:7-9/ΝΒ-ΝΔ

[Agora Deposit] R 9:5: Northern Manhole to Water Channel

Northern Manhole to Water Channel [R 9-10], East of Shop 14 ... 2nd c. B.C ... Northern Manhole to Water Channel [R 9-10], East of Shop 14

[Agora Deposit] C 9:16: Well

Well cut through cistern at 6/ΝΕ (C 9:7). The stele I 3244 in position in the cistern over the mouth of the well is listed with the cistern deposit C 9:7. Coins: 26 February 1936 #2-#4 27 February 1936 ... A.D. 1st ... Deposit


[Agora Deposit] C 9:3: Pit tomb, inhumation

Dorothy Burr Thompson ... Grave 10 in notebook *(E.L. Smithson : Grave VI: PG). Bones discarded. Multiple inhumation of two children in an unlined trench in bedrock. No offerings. Nb. says two skeletons. JP *Note in nb.: we continue ... LH III/EPG (date uncertain) ... Deposit


[Agora Deposit] C 9:10: Urn cremation

Rodney S. Young ... Grave 3 in notebook (E.L. Smithson: Grave XIII: PG). Urn cremation (trench-and-hole), adult female. JP Rectangular trench, measuring approximately 1.10x0.45m, but which may have been larger, cut through ... Late Protogeometric ... approximately 1.10x0.45m, but which ... deposits above the trench. Young

[Agora Deposit] P 9:3

Pithos at 19/ΜΔ Coins: 10 February 1936 #1-#2 ... 8-10 February 1936 ... Deposit

[Agora Deposit] C 9:15: Koukla Pit

Irregular pit in bedrock; deposit chiefly of terracotta figurines, with a small amount of pottery ... 6th c. B.C ... C 9:15 ... C 9:15

[Agora Deposit] F 9:2: Cistern Chamber I

Cistern system West of Bouleuterion: (see also B: cistern system to West of Tholos). First Chamber from North. Part of three-chamber cistern system, including also G 11:1, with Byzantine and modern disturbance ... 150-ca. 75 B.C., with Byz. disturbance ... Deposit