Agora Deposit: D 17:5
Collection:   Agora
Type:   Deposit
Name:   D 17:5
Title:   Cistern
Category:   Cistern
Description:   Built against the south wall of the annex to the Poros Building
west of the Areopagus. At the west the upper layer of marble chips carried against it, the lowest were cut by it.
Part of same system as D 17:3 and D 17:4.
Object B 874 is from the top fill but not related to the upper or lower fills proper; no subdivision. Neither the upper nor the lower fill had the characteristics of a period of use full. [Nbp. 3001]
Upper fill: two stamped amphora handles; one-third of bowls long petal.
Lower fill: Bronze coin from Histiaia (?); no long-petal bowls; bowls of M Monogram Class; pottery probably a contemporary household dump.
Contents:   Coins:
8 April 1949 #17-#20
9 April 1949 #1-#6
Bibliography:   Hesperia 34 (1965), p. 50.
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Chronology:   225-100 B.C.
Date:   7-9 April 1949
Section:   ΟΟ
Grid:   ΟΟ:73/ΛΖ
Elevation:   -2.3m.
Masl:   -2.3m.
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Report: 1950 ΟΟ
Report: 1947 ΟΟ
Report Page: 1947 ΟΟ, s. 10
Report Page: 1950 ΟΟ, s. 41
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Coin: N 47710
Deposit: D 17:5.1
Deposit: D 17:5.2
Lot: ΟΟ 569
Lot: ΟΟ 570
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