Agora Deposit: E 15:3
Title:   Cistern
Category:   Cistern
Description:   Cistern at the southeast foot of Kolonos Agoraios.
Nbp. 2369: Two chamber cisterns, 88/ΛΔ and 100/ΚΘ, united by a long straight passage running almost due N-S. A draw shaft at 95/ΚΘ is set just off the course of the passage to the east and opening into it.
Nbp. 1787: This cistern contained a hopeless mixture of sherds, from hellenistic to late roman....One can say in a general way that the hellenistic fill lay over the bottom of this cistern and the roman above it, but every basket of Hellenistic contained also Roman sherds.
Nbp. 2441: ...the cistern was very mixed - Hellenistic, Late Roman, and coarse Byzantine. The bottom was covered with a pure hell. fill which in one place could be dug separately...
Cf. E 14:1 and E 14:3.
Eighteen stamped amphora handles.
Contents:   Coins: Nbp 2436
14 May 1935 #17 (earth)
21 May 1935 #1-#5 (late mixed fill)
22 May 1935 #4-#5
24 May 1935 #1
29 May 1935 #5-#7
30 May 1935 #6
Notes:   Subdivisions:
.1=Upper disturbed filling.
.2=Undisturbed late Hellenistic filling.
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Chronology:   Late 2nd-early 1st c. B.C.-86 B.C.
Date:   9 May-1 June 1935
Section:   Γ
Grid:   Γ:100/ΚΘ
Elevation:   -5.2m.
Masl:   -5.2m.
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Coin: N 8471
Coin: N 16617
Deposit: E 15:3.1
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