Agora Deposit: J 1:7
Title:   Hellenistic Cistern Shaft
Supervisor:   Marcie Handler
Category:   Cistern
Description:   The contents of this Hellenistic cistern shaft were excavated in a series of layers: the preserved top of the shaft, six layers in the shaft and the fill within the tunnel. At the bottom of the shaft on its northwest side, a vaulted tunnel lead off to the northwest, which was excavated to a distance of 1.5m. The shaft was filled with a mixture of pottery, roof tiles (mostly painted), bone, charcoal, and chunks of the shaft lining that must have fallen from the upper portion of the shaft, which is no longer preserved. Joining fragments of pottery and lamps were found in different pottery lots, suggesting that layers that were excavated separately may have been deposited at the same time.
Contents:   Coins:
18 July 2007 #2018
24 July 2007 #2009
26 July 2007 #2010
27 July 2007 #2011
Chronology:   POU: Mid-3rd c. BC
Dumped fill: after 225 BC
Date:   28 June-28 July 2007
Section:   ΒΖ
Grid:   J/17,18-1/17
Elevation:   52.585-50.398m.
Masl:   50.398-52.585m.
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