Agora Deposit: J 2:30
Collection:   Agora
Type:   Deposit
Name:   J 2:30
Title:   Ritual Pyre
Supervisor:   Marcie Handler
Category:   Pyre
Description:   Pyre under floor no. 9 in the center of Room 4. It was adjacent to the southern face of Wall 4, but at lower elevation than the lowest course of the wall foundation (which was found at 52.250 masl.), suggesting that the pyre was deposited during a phase of the building that predates Wall 4. Pyre J 2:30 was located approximately 0.20m below Pyre J 2:28, which was excavated during the 2007 excavation season.
The oblong pit for Pyre J 2:30 was cut into Floor no 10 (removed in Lot ΒΖ 2122) and was covered by Floor no 9 (removed in Lot ΒΖ 2120), both of which dated approximately to the last quarter of the 5th c. B.C. The top surface of Floor no 10 was found at 51.977-52.072 masl, and the edges of the cutting for the pyre pit were found at virtually the same elevation (51.933-52.003 masl). The bottom of the pyre pit was found at 51.911 masl, giving the pyre deposit an approximate depth of ca. 9 cm Floor no 9, which covered over the pyre deposit, was found at 52.060-52.097 masl.
Bibliography:   Hesperia 89 (2020), pp. 622, 624, fig. 29.
Chronology:   375-350 B.C.
Date:   16-19 July 2015
Section:   ΒΖ
Grid:   J/12,13-2/4
Elevation:   52.095-51.911m.
Masl:   51.911-52.095m.
References:   Publication: Hesperia 89 (2020)
Report: 2015 Excavations
Report Page: 2015 Excavations, s. 2
Report Page: 2015 Excavations, s. 6
Report Page: 2015 Excavations, s. 8
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