Agora Deposit: M 12:1
Title:   Cist Grave in
Category:   Burial
Description:   Mycenaean Grave.
One of the first Mycenaean burials found in the Agora. It consisted of a regular cist, carefully cut with vertical sides and a flat bottom, measuring 1.90m by 0.55m. There were apparently originally covering slabs, but these were missing. The grave had been disturbed in Roman tines and again by a Turkish bothros which cut into it.
The skeleton was well preserved from the head to the pelvis, but the feet and lower legs were disarranged and the thigh bones apparently removed by the Romans. The skeleton lay on its back with the head turned to the left and the right arm flexed across the chest, the fingers clutching the left upper arm. The left arm was raised vertically toward the surface, and the hand had been cut off above the wrist and was found lying close to the right hand.
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PD Number:   PD 428
Chronology:   LH III (c. 1200)
Date:   14-21 February 1935
Section:   Λ
Grid:   Λ:30/ΜΕ
Elevation:   .5--.48m.
Masl:   -.48-.5m.
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