Agora Deposit: O 7:14
Title:   Mycenaean Gully and Deposit in front of NE Stoa
Category:   Other
Description:   Mycenaean Deposit (Gully) in front of NE Stoa (corrected from P 7:1).
It consisted of a series of irregular pits, some gradually linked up with one another to form what seemed a natural gully. The largest pit measuring 1.70m east-west by about 1.20m north-south and having a maximum depth of 0.90m was situated from five to ten meters northeast of the gully proper and was cut at the north by the back wall of Northeast Stoa, which was set down a little into it.
The gully itself ran in a southwesterly direction and yielded about twenty small painted sherds, fragmentary cooking pots, unglazed kylix stems, fragments from pithoi and other coarse pots, as well as part of a stone grinder and many animal bones.
Apparently in both pit and gully we are dealing with a mixed fill, not of one homogeneous phase, and consisting partly of household refuse. Because of its proximity to the chamber tombs and because of the exceptional quality of several of the vases, it seems likely that some of the material came from disturbed tombs
Bibliography:   Agora XIII, pp. 248-251, 274, pls. 60, 66-67, 79.
    Agora XXVII, p. 226.
Chronology:   Mycenaean IIIA-B
Date:   16 June 1951
Section:   Σ
Grid:   Σ:24/Ι
References:   Publication: Agora XIII
Publication: Agora XXVII
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