Agora Deposit: Q 21:4
Title:   Well in Room 7 of Roman House H
Category:   Well
Description:   Well in Room 7 of Roman House H, partially covered by caldarium of added bath complex (Room 6). Stone well-head; 0.85m in diameter. Stpped because of danger of collapse. Cut through bedrock, water from ca. -4.00m on down.
Found empty for upper -12.00m, deliberately sealed shut.
Contents:   Nondescript Late Roman.
Notes:   Estimated Grid.
Chronology:   6th c. A.D.
Date:   23 July 1971
Section:   Ω
Grid:   Q/11,12-21/17,18
Elevation:   -13.2m.
Masl:   -13.2m.
References:   Publication Pages (8)
Report: 1971 Ω
Report Page: 1971 Ω, s. 1
Report Page: 1971 Ω, s. 11
Report Page: 1971 Ω, s. 18
Image: 2012.58.0507 (86-630)
Image: 1997.17.0064 (86-630)
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