Agora Deposit: Q-R 10-11:1
Title:   Construction Fill Below Floor of Brick Building
Category:   Fill
Description:   Construction fill below floor of Brick Building.
Areas involved:
a) Western portion of Room A: packing below floor.
b) Room B: packing below floor of northern,larger room.
c) Fill over water channel in smaller, southern room B; channel discovered by builders of Brick Building,rebuilt by them and covered over.
d) Foundation trench of earlier building beneath Brick Building, filled and covered by builders of Brick Building.
e) "Apparently from below floor of building" (nb.p. 1282).
Fours stamped amphora handles. Type 48 A lamp. No long-petal bowls.
Contents:   Coins:
14 July 1950 #1 (disintegrated)
18 July 1950 #1-#3 (disintegrated)
SS 11078-SS 11079 Uncertain from Q-R 10-11:2 or Q-R 10-11:1
Notes:   Lot 20 "Ash, Carbon and Slag Fill, against the west face of dividing wall between Rooms A and B" of 1936 excavations including P 19790, SS 5379 and coin ΣΑ-16. It was believed to antedate the construction of the building since the wall of the building seemed to cut it. However, HAT digging in the same area in 1950 (p. 2245), describes what appears to be the same stratum (he does not specifically mention the earlier excavations) as lying on the floor of Brick Building here. The material dug in 1936 should be used with caution.
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Chronology:   First quarter 2nd century, before its end
Section:   ΣΑ
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