Agora Deposit: T 13:1
Title:   Well
Category:   Well
Description:   Tile-lined well at T/7-13/10,ca. 0.75m in diameter, top at ca. 64.90. Three tiles per circuit, ca. 0.63m high each; 10 rows of tiles. No POU.
Fill was largely dumped earth of the 3rd and 4th c. A.D., apparently Herulian debris. Near the top was a piece of unfluted column shaft of a scale appropriate to the stoa; lower down were several fragments of parapet slabs, perhaps from the second storey.
Contents:   Coins
13 July 1972 #356
19 July 1972 #361-#365
20 July 1972 #368-#372
Bibliography:   Agora XXXIV, p. 186.
Chronology:   Late 3rd to 5th century A.D.
Date:   6-19 July 1972
Section:   ΡΡ
Grid:   T/7-13/10
Elevation:   -6.65m.
Masl:   -6.65m.
References:   Publication: Agora XXXIV
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