Agora Deposit: T 21:1
Title:   Hellenistic Fill Beneath Floors
Supervisor:   Laura Gawlinski
Category:   Fill
Keyword:   FixChildren
Description:   Pebble floors of Roman date covered the northern half of a 6x6m square trench in ΕΛ, bounded to the west by the post-Herulian Wall and to the east by a wall from Byzantine Building D (Wall A) to the east. Under these pebble floors was a large amount of fill thick with ceramic inclusions, most likely deposited at one time, though possibly in six separate dumpings, characterized by varying density of ceramics and amount of stone inclusions. Bedrock and fill with significantly less inclusions (also Hellenistic in date) found beneath. Unclear whether fill is taken from elsewhere or in primary deposition.
Notes:   This deposit should be called T 21-22: but won't be changed for practical reason. (February 2007).
Also, in Agora XXXI, p. 151, a deposit T 21:1 was created by Margie Miles, changed to T 21:4 in the Database.
Chronology:   Hellenistic/ 220-150 B.C.
Date:   26 June-18 July 2001
27 June-1 July 2002
11-13 June 2002
Section:   ΕΛ
Grid:   T/14,19-21/20,22/5
Elevation:   86.421-85.492m.
Masl:   85.492-86.421m.
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