[Agora Deposit] T 27:1: Fill in Antechamber

Klepsydra: Filling in antechamber, behind the parapet of the Klepsydra. Dated to the time of the rebuilding of the springhouse after the Sullan sack, but containing earlier material. Coins: 31 May 1938 ... Second quarter of 5th c. to middle of 1st c. B.C ... Second quarter of 5th c. to middle of 1st c. B.C.

[Agora Deposit] S 27:4: Late Neolithic Well V in ΟΑ

Well V: Late Neolithic, West of Klepsydra. Diameter at 2.00 (when first preserved), bottom ca. 0.75m. Water level ca -4.00m ... Late Neolithic ... Deposit

[Agora Deposit] T 27:2: West Passage

Klepsydra: West Passage. Loose fill, and fill between boulders. Cf. Hesperia 12 (1943), pp. 246-248 Probable P 12807 belongs in this deposit ... Late 2nd c. A.D ... Probable P 12807 belongs in this deposit.

[Agora Deposit] T 27:3: Coin Hoard at L.R.F. Wall

Coin Hoard found at LRF wall as it runs over the paved court of the Klepsydra, North Slope ... 6-16 June 1937 ... T 27:3 ... T 27:3

[Agora Deposit] S 27:1: Well M in ΟΑ

Well M: Middle Helladic. West of Klepsydra. Diameter, top c. 1x0.80m; bottom ca. 0.75m. No water ... Middle Helladic ... S 27:1 ... S 27:1

[Agora Deposit] S 27:7: Late Mycenaean Well 23 in ΟΑ

Well 23: Late Mycenaean (Well D:SM) ... Late Mycenaean ... Deposit

[Agora Deposit] S 27:5: Late Neolithic Well K in ΟΑ

Well K: Late Neolithic. Near Klepsydra. Diameter top ca. 1.00x0.80 at -1.50 ca. 0.75 at -2.25 ca 0.50 Water level ca. -2.00m ... Late Neolithic ... Deposit

[Agora Deposit] S 27:6: Early Byzantine Well L in ΟΑ

Well L: Early Byzantine ... Early Byzantine ... S 27:6 ... S 27:6